Wide definition

    1. with sides or edges far apart: having a relatively large distance or space between one side or edge and the other 2. being particular distance apart: having a particular distance between one side or edge and the other. Three inches wide. 3. opened to great extent: opened to a great extent or as far as possible staring at him with wide eyes.4. with many types or choices: including many varieties, offering many choices, or having a large range. A wide selection of cheeses. 5. involving many people: from, involving, or given to many people. Wide support for the plan. 6. large in scope: with a large scope. A very wide gap between living standards here and in developing countries 7. not hitting target: going some distance away from the intended, expected, or correct place. 8. going beyond details: looking beyond the issue toward the more general aspects of something rather than the details. We need to look at the wider implications of these proposals. 9. fitting loosely: not fitting tightly round the body. 10. baseball Same as outside (sense 6) .11. phonetics Same as lax (sense 4)


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