Warm definition

1. fairly hot: moderately or comfortably hot. a warm climate
 2. providing warmth: providing warmth or protection against cold a warm scarf
 3. with too much heat: having or feeling an undesirable amount of heat, from exertion or ambient temperature
  4. friendly: showing or feeling kindness and friendliness . a warm person
  5. passionate: showing passion or liveliness a warm debate
  6. enthusiastic or ardent: showing or feeling great enthusiasm. Warm congratulations!
  7. quick to anger: excitable or easily angered a warm temper.
  8. suggesting warmth: having a color suggesting warmth, especially yellow or red
  9. physiology heated by metabolism: giving off the heat that arises naturally in warm-blooded animals
  10. hunting fresh: describes a scent in hunting that is fresh and strong
  11. close: close to the hidden object in a game or to guessing a secret (informal) You’re getting warm.
  12. uncomfortable: uncomfortable because of danger (informal)


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