Zingy Definition

    zingy [zingee]

    1. lively and exciting quality: a lively exciting aspect of something that makes it particularly enjoyable (informal)
    • The rhythm guitar gives the tune extra zing.
    2. sharp singing sound: a short high-pitched humming or buzzing sound, e.g. the sound of a bullet whizzing through the air
    verb (past and past participle zinged, present participle zing·ing, 3rd person present singular zings) (informal)
    1. intransitive verb make humming noise: to make or move with a short high-pitched humming or buzzing noise
    2. intransitive verb speed: to move very quickly
    • kids zinging by on skates
    3. intransitive verb be lively: to be very energetic and animated
    • The production zings with energy.
    4. transitive verb attack somebody with words: to criticize somebody sharply, especially in a swift and clever way
    [Early 20th century. An imitation of the sound]


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