Your definition

    Youradjective adjective
    1. belonging to person spoken to: refers to something that belongs to or relates to the person who is being spoken to
    What’s your phone number?

    2. belonging or relating to somebody: refers to something that belongs or relates to an unspecified person or people in general
    The house is on your left as you come down the street.

    3. indicates typicality: refers to somebody or something as a typical example of a familiar type (informal)
    your typical neighborhood park

    [ Old English ēower < gē (see ye1)] your or you're? Do not confuse the spelling of your and you're, which sound similar. The word your indicates possession: Your [not You're] e-mail password must be protected. You're is a contraction of ""you are"": You're [not Your] protecting your e-mail password, aren't you?

    Youthful definition

    Youthfuladjective 1. like youth: characteristic of or possessing youth
    2. vigorous: vigorous and energetic
    3. not fully developed: in early development and not yet mature
    4. geology mildly eroded: steep, rugged, and relatively uneroded
    5. geography near source: describes a fast-flowing stream close to its source


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