Young definition

    Youngadjective (comparative young·er, superlative young·est)
    1. not very old: having lived or been in existence a relatively short time
    a young person

    2. of youth: relating to somebody’s youth
    my younger days

    3. youthful: looking or behaving like a young or younger person
    very young for her age

    4. for young people: designed for or appropriate to young people
    young fashions

    5. recently begun: recently begun or in an early stage
    The night is still young.

    6. geology not significantly eroded: in a relatively early stage of landscape formation and therefore steep and largely uneroded

    plural noun
    1. offspring: offspring, especially when still completely dependent on parents
    watching her young

    2. young people: young people in general
    a club for the young

    [ Old English geong < Indo-European, ""youth, vigor""] -young·ish, adjective


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