voluntary Definition
voluntary adjective
1. of free will: arising, acting, or resulting from somebody’s own choice or decision rather than because of external pressure or force
2. without pay: performing, working, or done without financial reward
voluntary work

3. using volunteers: composed of, functioning with or requiring volunteers
voluntary organizations

4. U.K. not part of government: not part of statutory provision such as that of social services, and usually maintained at least in part by private charitable donations rather than by government or other official support
a voluntary organization

5. having will: having the capacity required to make conscious choices or decisions
6. law without legal obligation: not involving legal obligation, coercion, or persuasion
a voluntary agreement

7. law done on purpose: performed or carried out with intention rather than by accident
voluntary manslaughter

8. law given without payment in return: done or given freely with no promise of money or other recompense


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