virgin Definition
virgin adjective
1. of virgin: relating to or characteristic of a virgin
2. pure: in a pure, natural, or clean state
virgin snow

3. environment not touched by humans: describes a natural area that has never been explored or exploited by humans
4. occurring for first time: happening or carried out first or for the first time
The freshman senator delivered his virgin speech yesterday.

5. food from first pressing: describes vegetable oils that come from the first pressing of fruit, leaves, or seeds without the use of heat
6. metallurgy produced directly from ore: describes metals produced directly from an ore, not from scrap metal
7. minerals unalloyed: found in a pure unmixed state
8. physics never having collided: describes a neutron that has never been in a collision and therefore retains the energy with which it started
9. with no alcohol: nonalcoholic (slang)


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