Wrong definition

    1. incorrect: not correct or accurate. That’s the wrong answer. 2. mistaken: holding an incorrect opinion about a person, thing, or matter. I thought it would be fun, but I was wrong.3. not meant: not the intended or desired oneIt was sent to the wrong address. 4. not in normal state: not in the normal satisfactory state. What’s wrong with you today?. 5. not conforming to accepted standards: not in accordance with law, morality, or with people’s sense of what is acceptable behaviour. It’s wrong to steal. 6. unsuitable: unsuitable, or showing poor judgment on the part of the person who chooses, does, or says it. It’s the wrong time of year to be planting seeds.7. not working: not functioning correctly. Something’s wrong with the TV. 8. reversed or inverted: opposite to the normal, proper, or intended side, way, or direction. This picture is the wrong way up.


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