Wild definition

    1. not tame or domesticated: not kept as a pet or used for display, work, or experimentation, but living freely in a natural habitat. 2. not cultivated: growing in a natural state rather than being cultivated in fields, parks, or gardens. wild strawberries. 3. produced by wild animals: produced by animals living freely rather than by domesticated animals. wild honey. 4. remote and barren: describes territory that is not inhabited or able to be inhabited by humans because of being remote and barren . 5. enthusiastic or eager: feeling. enthusiastic or eager or showing enthusiasm or eagerness. I’m not wild about the idea. 6. overwhelmed by emotion: overwhelmed by or showing a strong emotion such as anger, grief, or desire. wild with grief. 7. stormy: rough and stormy, with a strong wind. wild winds and seas. 8. unruly: lively and showing a disregard for rules. The kids next door are really wild.9. unrestrained: marked by a lack of restraint or prudence, especially in things considered to be vices. A really wild party. 10. messy: not neat or well-groomed. His hair was wild.m11. not carefully thought out: not based on rational thought, evidence, or probability. I just made a wild guess.12. offensive term: an offensive term meaning supposedly culturally inferior 13. unconventional: unconventional, exciting, and slightly irrational (informal) a wild idea.14. excellent: very good or admirable (dated slang) .Hey, man, that’s really wild!.15. poorly aimed: not carefully aimed. Throwing wild punches.16. card games with value assigned by player: describes a playing card that has any value that the player using it wishes to give it. Jokers are wild.


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