White definition

    1. snow-colored: having the color of fresh snow or milk, as a result of the reflection of nearly all light from visible wavelengths. 2. without color: lacking color or hue. 3. Whitepale-skinned: relating to or belonging to a people with naturally pale skin, especially one of European ancestry. 4. comparatively light: light in color in comparison with others of the same kind. white cabbage. 5. wine made from white grapes: describes wine made from pale-skinned grapes. 6. lacking pigment: describes hair that has lost most or all of its pigment, usually as a result of aging. 7. having very pale complexion: unusually pale in the face, e.g. from fright or shock. 8. zoology botany having white parts or colorings: describes plants or animals with light or white parts or colorings. white bass. 9. food industry without bran or germ: describes wheat flour that has had the bran and germ removed. 10. cooking made from white flour: made using white flour. 11. beverages served with milk: served with milk addedwhite coffee. 12. unmarked by writing: not written on or printed on 13. pure: unblemished, especially in character. 14. wearing white: dressed in white, or characterized by the wearing of white.15. incandescent: heated to such a high degree that the substance turns white in color. 16. having snow: accompanied or characterized by the presence of snow 17. music lacking tonal warmth: relating to a pure musical tone that lacks warmth, color, and resonance.18. Whitehistory politics politically conservative: conservative in political outlook


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