Western definition

    1. in west: situated in the west of a region or country 2. facing west: situated in or facing the west. The house has a western aspect. 3. coming from west: blowing from the west. A western wind 4. west of prime meridian: lying west of the prime meridian. 5. of west: characteristic of or native to the west of a region or country 6. West·ern Another spelling of Western. 7. influenced by Greco-Roman and Christian traditions: found in or characteristic of countries, especially in Europe and North and South America, whose culture and society are greatly influenced by traditions rooted in Greek and Roman culture and in Christianity 8. of non-Communist countries in Cold War: found in or belonging to the non-Communist countries of Europe and North and South America during the Cold War. 9. Characteristic of American West: found in or relating to the part of the United States west of the Mississippi River or west of the Allegheny Mountains, especially during early phases of the country’s history. 10. found in Europe and Americas: located in or relating to Europe and North and South America 11. christianity Catholic and Protestant: based on, consisting of, or resembling the teachings, practices, and beliefs of Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, as opposed to those of the Eastern Orthodox Church


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