Weak definition

    1. not strong or fit: not physically fit or mentally strong 2. easily defeated: easily overcome or defeated. 3. lacking strength of character: not having strength of character. 4. not intense: not powerful or intense. weak winter sunshine. 5. lacking skills or abilities: not having particular skills or abilities. weak in math. 6. watery or tasteless: watery or lacking flavour. weak coffee. 7. not working to full capacity: not working as well as usual or desirable . 8. unconvincing: not persuasive or convincing. A weak excuse. 9. not strong politically: not politically strong or powerful. A weak country. 10. poetry unstressed: describes a syllable or word that is not stressed or accented.11. poetry having accent on unstressed syllable: describes verse that has the accent on a syllable that is usually unstressed. 12. grammar characterized by regular inflectional endings: describes a verb whose forms are characterized by regular inflectional endings, not by vowel changes. 13. finance characterized by falling prices: falling in price, or characterized by falling prices. A weak market


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